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Portland Interior Designer Services

We provide personalized interior design + planning services based on our client’s needs and motivations. Our approach to interior design involves creating cohesiveness and a sense of subtle transition between spaces while responding to existing architectural details. We’re passionate about juxtaposing materials and introducing modern patterns, fabrics and textures within a classic, simple interior. Whether your project requires working with your existing spatial layout, or you’re game for a full re-design, our expert space planning skills and keen sense for material + finish combinations can help ease the decision-making process and bring clarity and fun to your project.

Interior Designer Services

Kitchen + Custom Cabinetry Designer

A well-designed kitchen is one of the most enjoyable features a home can have, not to mention offering a high return-on-investment when going to re-sell. Kitchens have always been the “heart” of the home and main gathering place for families…now more than ever as cooking has become even more socially engaging and family-focused! Some common kitchen design trends include spatial connections to nearby family rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces, and some of our favorite features include seating for wine-drinking + chatting, laptop recipe access, and classy liquor display. Introspecs brings in-depth knowledge of spatial layouts + kitchen cabinetry detailing to each project, and our kitchens are sure to maximize counter-space, increase storage, and show off sophisticated finish and hardware combinations.

Kitchen Designer Services

Custom Furniture Designer

Our creative energy for custom furniture design goes beyond what we usually encounter in an interior design project. We’re always thrilled at the opportunity to share in the initial design visioning with our clients and together, create a high-quality piece that serves their space, uniquely. From concept to production, Introspecs loves teaming with capable crafts-people to bring an idea to fruition. It involves a lot of visual design tools and in-person meetings to successfully communicate and manage expectations for our end-product, and Introspecs excels at merging creativity with attention to detail and organization.

Custom Furniture Designer Services