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Portland Interior Design + Planning

We provide personalized interior design + planning services based on our client’s needs and motivations. Our approach to interior design involves creating cohesiveness and a sense of subtle transition between spaces while responding to existing architectural details. We’re passionate about juxtaposing materials and introducing modern patterns, fabrics and textures within a classic, simple interior. Whether your project requires working with your existing spatial layout, or you’re game for a full re-design, our expert space planning skills and keen sense for material + finish combinations can help ease the decision-making process and bring clarity and fun to your project.

Kitchen Design

A well-designed kitchen is one of the most enjoyable features a home can have, not to mention offering a high return-on-investment when going to re-sell. Kitchens have always been the “heart” of the home and main gathering place for families…now more than ever as cooking has become even more socially engaging and family-focused! Some common kitchen design trends include spatial connections to nearby family rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces, and some of our favorite features include seating for wine-drinking + chatting, laptop recipe access, and classy liquor display. Introspecs brings in-depth knowledge of spatial layouts + kitchen cabinetry detailing to each project, and our kitchens are sure to maximize counter-space, increase storage, and show off sophisticated finish and hardware combinations.

Custom Furniture Design

Our creative energy for custom furniture design goes beyond what we usually encounter in an interior design project. We’re always thrilled at the opportunity to share in the initial design visioning with our clients and together, create a high-quality piece that serves their space, uniquely. From concept to production, Introspecs loves teaming with capable crafts-people to bring an idea to fruition. It involves a lot of visual design tools and in-person meetings to successfully communicate and manage expectations for our end-product, and Introspecs excels at merging creativity with attention to detail and organization.



“We recently worked with Allisen from Introspecs to design a new kitchen for our mid-century forest dwelling. The existing kitchen was the original from the 40’s and was barely serviceable. The strange, L-shaped kitchen provided few opportunities for new, modern appliances and kitchen layouts. The design task was daunting so we reached out to Introspecs for a design quote. From the very beginning, Allisen dove right in and offered valuable insights and saw exactly how to solve the problem. She even offered several layout configurations but ultimately showed us the wisdom of the one we ended up selecting. Her deep knowledge of mid-century was extremely helpful in shaping the overall vision and keeping it authentic to the period while still affording those modern amenities. Allisen’s design work and drawings were thorough and clearly laid out a plan for the execution of this project. She provided dimensions and all the views needed to capture the space. There was nothing missing. Overall, I was impressed with Allisen’s ability to truly listen to us and understand our vision while adding insight from her own experience.”  – Dawn Sorgnard, July 2015


“We hired Allisen and Introspecs early on in our project, and it was one of the best decisions we made. Allisen was our constant advocate through the ups and downs of a major construction and remodel project that lasted for nearly three years. We could not have done it without her. At the start, Allisen really listened to us — not just the words we used, but our overall concepts and vision — and translated that into the design. It turned out to be exactly what we wanted. She kept us on track with that design because she has great taste and took the time to understand us. We really felt like valued clients in every meeting and interaction. She allowed us to be as hands-on or hands-off as we wanted in each phase. Even when some of my ideas were a bit offbeat ( a blue front door — please?) , she took it in stride and tried her best to incorporate them into the design. When she took the lead (how about a beautifully stained wood door instead?), we trusted her to make good choices, and she came through. The results are amazing! Allisen designs spaces that people love to be in.

On a personal level, Allisen is approachable, funny, honest, and enthusiastic! She has great communication skills and returns emails/texts/calls very quickly, so that construction decisions are never held up. She’s also not afraid to get dirty, and crawl around with you on site when something’s just not quite right. In part of our project, she stepped up and performed some project management when we really needed it. She’s quite good at that too. We can’t say enough good things about Allisen. Trust her with your next design project. You’ll be so glad you did.” – Kristina Hellman, 2013